Fatema Al Mamari

Process Control Engineer, Oman Refinery Company (ORPIC)

Completed 7.5 years experience at ORPIC
Process optimization Engineer at TSD for UOP design RFCC unit 75,000 BPSD, which processes Resid feed with high CCR and metals for high propylene conversion.
Process optimization Engineer at TSD for Hydrotreating, Desulfurization and Octane Boosters units (DHDS, GHDS,TSH,TSHP, INALK, TAME).
Interface Engineer for integrating the three growth projects (MSPP/SRIP/LPIC) with existing plants (Brown Fields) SR-1, MSPP, AP, MAF & PP.
Central and Moirtoring Process Engineer for ORPIC Plants
Process Control Engineer for Muscat Refinery (MAF).